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    28 June 2022
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    27 June 2022
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    26 March 2022
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    14 March 2022
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    20 December 2021
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    1 November 2021
  • Watermelon Diet for Weight Loss: Benefits of Watermelon, Pros and Cons of Weight Loss Methods, Rules of Watermelon Diet, Types of Weight Loss Methods.
    19 October 2021
  • Principles of observance of the diet for pancreatitis. Forbidden and allowed foods, an example of a menu and recipes for dishes with inflammation of the pancreas.
    16 October 2021
  • What is meant by drinking regimen? What foods are allowed with this diet? The main contraindications and harm.
    13 October 2021
  • Proper nutrition for gastritis is the key to successful treatment. It is necessary to give up junk food, eat little and often, arrange fasting days. The article will tell you more about the diet.
    12 October 2021
  • In the article, we will consider the varieties of the Japanese diet, their advantages and disadvantages, basic dietary rules, allowed and prohibited foods, recipes for dietary dishes.
    28 September 2021
  • Proper nutrition for weight loss: basic principles, list of allowed and prohibited foods, menu for weight loss for a week and every day. Features of nutrition for different people. Suitable recipes.
    28 September 2021
  • Protein diet for weight loss: the essence of the approach, as well as the advantages and disadvantages. Approximate diet menu for 7, 10 and 14 days with examples of recipes.
    24 September 2021
  • What is extreme weight loss in a week - special procedures, menus, nutritional advice, restrictions, high-intensity workouts, fitness, pharmaceuticals, food wrap. What you need to eat, adherence to the drinking regimen, strict diet.
    24 September 2021
  • The essence of the "Favorite" diet. Indications and contraindications to this food system. A detailed menu of the "Favorite" diet for every day. Weight loss results.
    23 September 2021
  • How to lose weight on buckwheat in a week, 3 days or 2 weeks? How to make a menu without harming your health? What are the advantages and disadvantages of buckwheat diet? Learn the answer from the article.
    23 September 2021
  • This article describes effective exercises for weight loss. The result of losing weight is reinforced by regular exercise and aerobic exercise as well as proper nutrition.
    23 September 2021
  • Weight loss on a keto diet is due to the body's limited intake of carbohydrates, which contribute to the breakdown of body fat. What are the advantages and disadvantages of how to follow a ketogenic diet, what you can and can't eat? The answers to these and other questions can be found in the article.
    23 September 2021
  • The article tells about the most effective ways to lose weight fast, which allow you not only to get rid of excess weight, but also to do it without harm to the body.
    24 July 2021
  • A balanced diet is a nutritional system that can help you lose weight without stress and hunger. How to stick to such a diet - read in this article.
    21 July 2021
  • Do you have terrible belly and waist fat? No problem! The main thing is not to panic. After all, a set of simple exercises for the waist, sides and abdomen for every day will help you - 20 minutes is enough to complete, no matter the level of your training.
    20 July 2021
  • The Ducan diet will help the figure return to normal. To prepare food within the framework of the recommendations, you should order agricultural products. Here you will find everything you need: lean meat, fresh fish, dairy products, spicesAnd bran.
    20 July 2021
  • As the summer season is approaching, women are increasingly wondering how to shed those pounds and get the figure of their dreams. Today we are going to bring you the most effective ways to lose weight available to everyone. Will tell you more about the techniques.
    19 July 2021